Are remanufactured tyres reliable?

It's worth highlighting that a remanufactured tyre is not a retreaded tyre. Although both techniques can produce great results, they are not the same thing.

When we talk about remanufactured tyres, the manufacturer will have completely rebuilt the tyre around its metal carcass. This means that they apply the rubber compound themselves and build their own tread and sidewalls. So, the metal carcass is given a new life with new rubber. After undergoing this industrial process, tyres have the same characteristics and performance levels as a new tyre.

Remanufactured tyres are not only good for your wallet; they are also better for the environment. Producing a new tyre consumes about 32 litres of oil, compared to only 10 litres for a remanufactured tyre (50% less CO2 emissions).

The INSA TURBO tyres on sale on our website are all remanufactured tyres. Their factories are located in Spain, and the brand is experiencing strong growth in Europe.