Where can I find good, low-cost tyres?

You can buy your tyres from different specialists, but you'll find the widest range and the best prices on the Internet. Otherwise, why would you buy online? In any case, that's what we at GRIP500 think.

If you're looking for good low-cost tyres, we have four suggestions:

  • Buy 'budget' tyres from Asia by choosing one of the brands we listed so as not to have any bad surprises in terms of quality.
  • Buy DOT tyres.
  • Buy DEMO tyres.
  • Buy second-hand tyres.

These are the TOP 10 cheapest brands that we get the positive feedback for:

DOT tyres are tyres that were manufactured more than 36 months ago. In France, there are no regulations on this subject, and these tyres can be resold without any particular warning. In Germany, legislation requires the seller to inform the consumer if a product is a DOT tyre. In practice, DOT does not affect tyre performance, provided that they are stored in the right conditions. Poor conditions can cause deformation of the metal carcass and balancing problems. The DOT tyres you'll find on GRIP500 have been stored in optimal conditions, so you won't encounter these problems. These tyres are sold with discounts of about 10% to 20% depending on the particular case.

DEMO tyres are new tyres that have travelled a few miles before being removed from new cars to meet specific replacement requirements. For example, a fleet of vehicles that arrives and they are all fitted with summer tyres, but the buyer wants to equip them with winter tyres to meet their specific needs.

As for second-hand tyres, depending on the level and evenness of wear, they can be a very good deal. The second-hand tyres we sell on GRIP500 are inspected before shipment and are always indicated as such. In the event of a problem during fitting, our after-sales service teams will take them back and refund you in full. In order to avoid these costs and to meet your requirements, our teams do their utmost to ensure quality in advance.

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