What are the subsidiaries of the 'premium' manufacturers?

Which brands belong to the Bridgestone Group?

Bridgestone is the world's leading manufacturer, closely followed by Michelin, and it has the following subsidiaries:

  • Firestone: this brand was acquired in 1988 and has existed in the USA since 1900.
  • Nokian: Bridgestone became the majority shareholder of Finnish manufacturer Nokian in 2003.
  • Lassa: the manufacturer joined Bridgestone Corporation in 1978. Lassa is a manufacturer of Turkish origin.
  • Uniroyal: Bridgestone has trademark ownership in Australia.
  • Dayton: this is Bridgestone's 'budget' brand.

Which brands belong to the Michelin Group?

Michelin is the second largest manufacturer in the world, and its brands include the following:

  • BFGoodrich: an SUV/4X4 tyre specialist founded in 1870 in the USA and acquired in 1990.
  • Kleber: a company founded in 1911 in BFGoodrich's workshops and acquired in 1981.
  • Riken: a Japanese company founded in 1958 and acquired by Michelin in 1992.
  • Kormoran: a Polish manufacturer that produces excellent tyres at low prices, acquired in 2000.
  • Tigar: a Serbian manufacturer acquired by Michelin in 2005.
  • Uniroyal: the brand has been owned by Michelin on the US market since 1990, and by Continental on the European market.
  • Taurus: a Hungarian manufacturer founded in 1882 and acquired by Michelin in 1996.

Which brands are owned by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Group?

Goodyear is the third largest manufacturer in the world and owns the following brands:

  • Debica: Goodyear became the majority shareholder of the Polish manufacturer in 1995.
  • Dunlop: the famous British manufacturer became a subsidiary of Goodyear in 2012.
  • Sava: the Slovak group was acquired by Goodyear in 2006.
  • Fuda: the German manufacturer also belongs to the Goodyear group.
  • Kelly: this manufacturer was founded in the USA in the city of Springfield and became the property of the Goodyear group in 1935.

Which brands belong to the Continental AG group?

Continental AG is a huge group working in three sectors: tyres, parts, and recycling. It owns the following brands:

  • Gislaved: the Swedish manufacturer was acquired in 1992.
  • Uniroyal: Continental AG has been producing tyres for the European market under the name since 1990.
  • Mabor: The Portuguese manufacturer was acquired by Continental in 2016.
  • Barum: the Czech manufacturer created a joint venture with Continental in 1992.
  • Viking: the Norwegian manufacturer became the property of the Continental AG group in 1983.
  • General Tire: the American manufacturer was acquired in 1987.
  • Semperit: in 1985, the Austrian manufacturer became part of the Continental AG group.
  • Matador: in 2009, Slovak group Matador was acquired by Continental AG.

What brands belong to the Hankook Group?

Hankook is a big player on the European market that offers excellent-value-for-money tyres, and the group owns the following brands:

  • Kingstar
  • Aurora
  • Rotexi
  • Laufenn

Which brands belong to the Cooper Tires Group?

The American giant owns the following brands, some of which are not distributed in Europe:

  • Avon
  • Dean Tires
  • Dick Cepek
  • Mastercraft
  • Mentor
  • Mickey Thompson
  • Motomaster
  • Roadmaster
  • Starfire

Which brands belong to the Pirelli Group?

The Italian firm owns Ceat and Metzeler.