Find out more about GRIP500

Who are we?

Grip500 is one of Europe's leading online tyre sales sites. Our website delivers to more than 25 countries in Europe. Our know-how is based around several pillars:

  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • IT systems
  • Customer satisfaction

Our after-sales service

We have developed a smart 'ticketing' system that allows you to send all of your requests to us from one place. So, we can receive, review, and respond to all requests very quickly.

This way, you avoid precious minutes spent waiting in queues on the telephone.

Our after-sales service team is continuously being trained to answer all your questions in a clear and precise manner.

The GRIP500 team

Grip500 boasts the best human resources available on the market. Men and women experienced in various domains. All our employees enjoy their respective duties and are passionately committed.

From tyre or parts experts to computer programmers, including after-sales service, accounting, purchasing, human resources, and management control... With one common goal: to bring you the best!

Why do we have the best prices?

The purchasing team works tirelessly through tenders, quality studies, and negotiations in order to help you find the right tyres, parts, and accessories for your car.

We have over 200 supply sources allowing us to be sure that we're offering you the best products at the best prices.

Why do we offer ALL tyre brands?

At Grip500, we have a philosophy: the customer is the only one who can choose the right tyre for his or her needs. That's why we've decided to offer the widest product range possible (provided the brands comply with all the necessary legislation and standards).

With the help of our detailed product descriptions, you can choose the tyres best suited to your needs. You'll never be falsely influenced by a salesperson eager to get rid of their stocks or increase their margin.

Can I trust you?

At Grip500, if we're obsessed with one thing: customer satisfaction! When we take this philosophy seriously, the rest naturally follows: loyalty, turnover, evolution over time.

You'll see on blogs, customer satisfaction sites, forums, and in press articles that our customers are extremely satisfied with our services, our prices, and our availability.

Of course, as we ship millions of products every year, there's bound to be the odd negative experience. Rest assured that we do respond to everybody who gets in touch. We always respond professionally to every request.

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