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GRIP500 has a very wide variety of all-season, winter, and summer tyres for cars, SUVs, 4x4s, and utility vehicles. Search by size or choose the brand you're looking for to see all the available tyres. We have tyres in all sizes and for all vehicles. Delivery is free for orders of two or more identical tyres.

Tyres also play a key role in driver safety as fundamental parts of a vehicle's performance. It is important to always have tyres that are in good condition. The Internet is the best way of buying tyres at the best prices.

Do you need to replace the tyres on your car? Here is a complete guide to help you choose the right car tyres for your needs.

When should you change your tyres?

A car tyre that is 50% worn means 20% less grip and a proportional increase in the risk of punctures. As the percentage of wear increases, braking distances become longer and the risk of aquaplaning increases.

How can you choose the right tyres?

Are the tyres on your car looking a little worn and you want to renew them? In order to choose your new tyres correctly, you need to note a few things about your current tyres:

  • The dimensions;
  • The load and speed indices ;
  • The labelling;

Checking the size of the tyre

Tyre size is one of the main criteria you should look at. It is essential to check the dimensions of the tyres before purchase. You don’t need to measure them yourself to do this. In effect, all pneumatics conforming to European standards have an inscription on the side indicating their exact dimensions. This inscription is usually in the form "225/40R18", representing the width, height and diameter respectively.

Thus if we take the inscription 225/40 R18 as an example, this sequence of numbers and letters translates as follows:

  • 225 is the width in mm;
  • 40 is the height as a percentage of the width (i.e. 225 x 40/100=90 mm in this case);
  • 18 is the inside diameter of the tyre in inches, (1 inch equals 2.54 cm).

Whatever the size or dimensions of your wheels, on our site you will find the identical parts to replace your worn tyres without any problem.

Check the load and speed indices

Just after the size information, you will find the load and speed indexes that you also need to take into account when renewing your rubber. These two elements together are generally in the form "225/40R18 92W" (92 being the load index and W the speed index).

The load index

The load index is a numerical code that indicates the maximum weight in kg that a wheel can support. It is generally rated from 60 to 120, with maximum loads ranging from 250 to 1400 kg respectively. This is a very important selection criterion. It is strictly forbidden to fit tyres with a load index lower than that recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

To find out the maximum recommended weight for your car, simply take a look at the load index of your tyre and cross reference with a guide table.

The speed rating

Unlike the load index, the speed index is an alphabetical code. It is used to determine the maximum speed that a wheel can support. In accordance with the legislation in force, you are not allowed to use tyres with a maximum speed limit lower than that approved for your car. However, in winter you have the option of using wheels with a lower speed index.

To find out the maximum speed you can drive with your tyres, see the following table.

Speed rating

Speed in km/h

Speed rating

Speed in km/h

Speed rating

Speed in km/h





























































Refer to the indications on the label

In addition to the dimensions and indices (load and speed), you can consult the tyre label. Since 1 November 2012, all wheels sold in the European Union now carry a label that informs users about 3 essential criteria:

  • Rolling resistance;
  • Grip on wet roads;
  • Rolling noise.

Rolling resistance

Rolling resistance includes 7 different levels rated from A to G (A being the best rating). These different ratings depend on two main elements: fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. For example, a tyre with a rolling resistance rating of E or F will cause your car to consume more fuel than a model with a rating of A or B.

Check the grip on wet roads

On the European label, wet grip is noted in the same way as rolling resistance. Rated from A to G, this criterion indicates the tyre's braking performance on wet road surfaces from a speed of 80 km/h and above. For example, tyres with a wet grip rating of F will have a longer braking distance than a tyre with a rating of A.

Rolling noise

With respect to tyre noise performance, the European label provides for scores ranging from 1 to 3 bars (1 being the best score). This rolling noise performance is measured in terms of the number of decibels emitted on the outside of a car travelling at 80 km/h.

Choose your car tyres according to type

Summer tyres

Very common tyres on the market designed to offer increased performance during the summer. These are the most common models on new vehicles.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are designed to offer very good handling at low temperatures (below 7 degrees). They are the best choice for driving on snowy roads.

All-season tyres

Also known as 4-season tyres, this variety of wheel is ideal for use in all weather conditions, in summer and winter.

Which brand of tyre should I choose?

There are mainly 3 categories of car tyre brands:

  • Premium brands;
  • Quality brands;
  • Discount brands.

The Premium category includes brands that offer Ultra High Performance tyres known for their extremely high quality. These include major producers such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Hankook and Nokian Tyre.

The Quality category includes brands that offer a very good price-quality ratio. They generally offer high performance and durable tyres.

The Discount category includes brands that offer tyres at moderate prices. These tyres are ideal for low budgets and cars that spend most of their life in the city.

In summary, the choice of a tyre is based on several criteria, including technical characteristics, product type and brand. Now that you know how to make your choice, be sure to consult the GRIP500 catalogue to fit your car with high-performance tyres at prices that beat the competition.

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